Christoph Gluck


Artist Birtday : 02/07/1714 (Age 73)
Born In : Berching, Bavaria
Occupation(s) : classic composer
Web Site :

Christoph Willibald (Ritter von) Gluck (2 July 1714 – 15 November 1787) is a German composer from the early classical period. He had written more than 100 operas. His name is connected with changes in the opera art – Gluck is one of the big reformers in the opera – he brought the music form and the dramatic content into harmony.  Gluck had worked most of the time in Wien, and in Paris for short. All of his operas are in Italian or in French, based on mythology. The most significant works written in French had happened during his stay in Paris under Maria-Antoaneta’s patronage.

Gluck’s most famous works are:

Artaserse (opera, 1741)

Demofoonte(opera, 1743)

La Semiramide riconosciuta  (“Semiramida” (ballet, 1748)
Paride ed Elena (Paris and Helena) (opera, 1770)
Orfeo ed Euridice (1762,1774)

Achilies (ballet, 1765)
Iphigénie (opera, 1774)

Armide  (opera, 1777), Iphigenie in Tavrida” (opera, 1779)
Echo et Narcisse (opera, 1780)

Gluck’s operas have delicacy and restraint, a rare way of noble simplicity. They sound honest.

That’s just one part of their impact. Gluck direcrly influenced Mozart – this can be seen in “Indomeneus”.

A very good version of Orfeo ed Euridice in French is performed by the Bulgarian Veselina Kacarova – J’ai perdu mon Eurydice.

Christoph Gluck

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